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Monday, February 9, 2004



i just started my mary kay business in oct. if i get one more recruit i'm a red jacket. anyways i just read your idea with the notebook and handing your card out to everyone you run into. i think thats a really great idea.. ive never thought of it.. lol i know i wanna do mary kay full time and i think this is a good way to do it. right now i have a full time job working 12 hour shifts grave yard and its very hard but i will take your idea. i will post some of my ideas as well. anyways talk to you guys soon!!


Wednesday, February 4, 2004


Ok, so, I have heard many times in my life that if you want to be something, you dress and act like you are already in that role when you are in work mode. So, I have decided I AM GOING TO BE A DIRECTOR (national someday) in MK, and now I have to act the role. And, in a way, I have sort of been given a leg up, as my director that recruited me moved back to NC, and I and my recruits have been left here. Well, since I have 3 recruits here, and there was another woman who was adopted into our area but hasn't been around much, I have decided (with the blessing of my director) to hold Success meetings in my home!!!! And I am so excited. I know we could adopt into another group, but I don't really want to do that, and the other girls don't seem to want to either at this point. So, I am going to get the info and updates from Tammy, and we will be the TNT Satellite Unit in Charleston, NC- soon to be the Heather Remy whatever goofy name I decided to give it Unit! I am thrilled!

All advice and info is welcome! By the way, I am pleased to announce that <lj user= queenofstamps> has joined as a new consultant! I am so proud of her, and I know she will be amazing!

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Friday, January 30, 2004

4:42PM - Color me Red!!!

Mary Kay InTouch­® Important Customer Service Communication

Congratulations Heather Remy!

You have a new team member.

An online Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement for
Amy Boehm
was submitted and accepted by the Company on
01/30/2004 Central time.


I.... am a Red Jacket!! Yahoo!!!

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Friday, January 23, 2004


I'm doing my first facial in a while. Wish me luck!

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I'm doing my first facial in a while. Wish me luck!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2004


I started Mary Kay to begin with because I was so unhappy with my full-time J.O.B. I used to run a study that involved working with people with cocaine and opiate problems. It wasn't the patients that bothered me, but the work environment, the pressure to recruit, and the supervision. Since then, my job had gotten quite a bit better. Now, after I have better happier, if a bit bored, they want to have me run another study again. Not only do I NOT WANT to run another study, I don't see how I CAN run another study, when they want me to continue the job I am doing, which is screening all the incoming calls for all of the studies. People are not approachable here though, and I know that my input regarding this situation will be either heeded or appreciated. I have been wanting to do Mary Kay full time for months now, but there are two things holding me back- 1) A definite income that I know I will be able to afford to live off of- not that I make enough at my FT job. And 2) Benefits. I really do feel like I need some input as to what direction to take my life in now. I do feel like full-time MK is tugging at me...

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Friday, January 2, 2004

2:39AM - my invite :)

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I hope that this year brings happiness, peace, love, and prosperity into everyone's lives!

I wanted to take this time to invite you all to a fun and fabulous event at my home on Sunday January 18th at 3pm-A New Year, a New You! Trading Faces!

Here's how it will work. You bring a buddy- if you don't have one, singles are welcome and we can pair folks up! You come with a clean, unmoisturized face- I am going to introduce you all to our new Intense Moisturizers! They are absolutely amazing, and I am HOOKED on mine!

Then, you and your buddy get to go through our Glamour products, and give each other a makeover for the New Year!!!! I have hints and tips and there will be some example cards with instructions on how to do certain looks and to give you ideas.

Have a friend who doesn't wear make up??? Bring them !! It will be a blast to see how amazing they look in some of the latest colors!

Have a teenager and maybe some of their friends who are just learning to apply makeup? Bring them!

Have a friend you always thought it would be fun to "get your hands on", or who could use a more updated look? Here's your chance!

In addition, since this is being held at my home, I will be doing a "Mystery Hostess" Drawing! Everone who comes gets an entry, and when the mystery hostess' name is drawn... she will receive 30% off any orders made that day!! Plus, anyone who books a Trading Faces party at their own home within two weeks after this will also get 30% off their product ordered at their own party!

I hope that you will all be able to come, as I am truly looking forward to this- it reminds me of all the nights I had as a teen with my friends, playing with new looks and just ENJOYING ourselves.

Don't we all deserve a new start to a New Year?

Please RSVP at 478-#### so I can save a spot for you and your guest! Can't wait to hear from you all!

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Monday, December 29, 2003


In news that is mainly interesting to me, I made two lipstick sales this weekend just by wearing some. I am most fabulous yes. I am looking forward to my "New Year, New You" Trading Faces Makeover day at my house. I have got to start inviting and planning. I also found out I'll be in the hotel room at the Conference with one of the most successfull women in the team. I am pretty psyched about that. Hopefully I'll be touched, no, gilded with inspiration!

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Friday, December 19, 2003


Is anyone here going to the January Jumpstart in Rehoboth Beach? I am... and I just found out Pam Tull wants me to go out to dinner with her and the star consultants that night!

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Sunday, August 24, 2003


Women's appreciation!

This has been great! I have more appointments on my books than ever before! For real this works. You can get so many new names in so little time. I buy 1 dozen roses and go into local business' and offer every woman a free rose for women's appreciation. I ask if she would like to enter a raffle for a free satin hands set. Once she is filling out the "info card" I ask if she would like a free facial. Keep in mind this is a numbers game. If you get 10 names most likely 5 people will book and appointment and out of the 5, 2-3 will most likely hold the appointment on the original date.Each facial will average 100+ in sales. You profit 50. In order to make 200 a week profit, you'll need to hold 4-6 appointments a week. 4-6 hours of work. To hold this amount of appointments you would need to get 20-25 names a week. I usually do this on one afternoon. I get my roses at sams club for 12.99 for 2 dozen and go at it one afternoon and follow-up with my calls the next day. 1st I'll pick a winner for the satin hands then I'll call the winner first. For everyone else I offer a free eyeshadow (2nd prize) Then I ask Is there any reason why we couldn't get together for a facial? There is no obligation to purchase anything, I just want to pamper you. You are guaranteed to get half of your names to book an appointment with you but not all will hold on the original date, just because things come up, people for get and sometimes they have to work. So it's important to expect a few postponements. I try to focus on getting the product on at the very least 5 faces a week. It's important to build a momentum. Don't forget to give all of your customers the chance to share there facials with friends, this way you get the product on a few more in the sames amount of time. Hope this helps!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

9:36PM - I've gotten alot of new names!

I have adopted a new way to meet new potential customers. I carry a spiral notebook with me. Small enough to fit in my purse. Then I carry my cards. Anyone I run into, At the drive in at the check out, starbucks, I'll say " Let me give you my card" then I hand them my card and They'll say OH! Then I'll say "Have you ever used Mary Kay before?" then they'll say yes or no. If they say yes or no then I'll say "Do you have a consultant?" If yes then I'll say "ok well just give me a ring if you have any questions, it was nice meeting you!" If they say no then I'll say "Would you like a facial?" (9 out of 10 say yes) Then I'll say " can you write down your name and number in my note book so I can call you to schedule and appointment." Then I'll thank them, say it was nice meeting you and tell them I will call them tomorrow to schedule and appointment.

Isn't this great! I challenge you to try this on 2 new women. I promise you it will give great results!

love and support

Monday, June 2, 2003

11:55AM - Welcome Dynamic women!!!

We will discuss all sorts of things mk related here. Success stories and training info etc. We will also discuss goal setting. Feel free to introduce yourselves, and ask as many questions as you want :o)

Congratulations on your decision to open your Mk business. We love and appreciate you.

Training Tonight! Monday night conference call! 9:00 pm eastern time Bridge number is- 1-212-461-5860 pin # 0204. Valuable training tonight with 4 of our national area directors don't miss it. These women have all walked the same path, and have made a success.

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