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Happy New Year Everyone!!

I hope that this year brings happiness, peace, love, and prosperity into everyone's lives!

I wanted to take this time to invite you all to a fun and fabulous event at my home on Sunday January 18th at 3pm-A New Year, a New You! Trading Faces!

Here's how it will work. You bring a buddy- if you don't have one, singles are welcome and we can pair folks up! You come with a clean, unmoisturized face- I am going to introduce you all to our new Intense Moisturizers! They are absolutely amazing, and I am HOOKED on mine!

Then, you and your buddy get to go through our Glamour products, and give each other a makeover for the New Year!!!! I have hints and tips and there will be some example cards with instructions on how to do certain looks and to give you ideas.

Have a friend who doesn't wear make up??? Bring them !! It will be a blast to see how amazing they look in some of the latest colors!

Have a teenager and maybe some of their friends who are just learning to apply makeup? Bring them!

Have a friend you always thought it would be fun to "get your hands on", or who could use a more updated look? Here's your chance!

In addition, since this is being held at my home, I will be doing a "Mystery Hostess" Drawing! Everone who comes gets an entry, and when the mystery hostess' name is drawn... she will receive 30% off any orders made that day!! Plus, anyone who books a Trading Faces party at their own home within two weeks after this will also get 30% off their product ordered at their own party!

I hope that you will all be able to come, as I am truly looking forward to this- it reminds me of all the nights I had as a teen with my friends, playing with new looks and just ENJOYING ourselves.

Don't we all deserve a new start to a New Year?

Please RSVP at 478-#### so I can save a spot for you and your guest! Can't wait to hear from you all!
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