Whats life without beauty? (glamurgirlie) wrote in dynamicwomen,
Whats life without beauty?

I've gotten alot of new names!

I have adopted a new way to meet new potential customers. I carry a spiral notebook with me. Small enough to fit in my purse. Then I carry my cards. Anyone I run into, At the drive in at the check out, starbucks, I'll say " Let me give you my card" then I hand them my card and They'll say OH! Then I'll say "Have you ever used Mary Kay before?" then they'll say yes or no. If they say yes or no then I'll say "Do you have a consultant?" If yes then I'll say "ok well just give me a ring if you have any questions, it was nice meeting you!" If they say no then I'll say "Would you like a facial?" (9 out of 10 say yes) Then I'll say " can you write down your name and number in my note book so I can call you to schedule and appointment." Then I'll thank them, say it was nice meeting you and tell them I will call them tomorrow to schedule and appointment.

Isn't this great! I challenge you to try this on 2 new women. I promise you it will give great results!

love and support
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